Simple Steps to a Web Front-End

These are simple Steps allowing you to decide whether a Web Front-End can assist your organisation.


Step One - Contact Us

Complete the Contact Form or call our Office

Step Two - Meeting

We arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, look at your IT set-up and integration requirements. Your requirements could be for a front-end on an existing database, an application re-write, or even a new requirement to add to your existing applications.

Step Three - Outline Proposal

We provide a no-charge Outline Proposal stating the problem and scope of what we are addressing, the solution we have discussed, and the steps towards your new application. We provide an outline price and timescale.

Step Four - You Decide

You can hold the proposal and compare to your other options. Take your time. We will be pleased to provide any additional information. You will not have made any payment or made any financial commitment.

Step Five - Finalise Requirements

If you wish to proceed we will provide a detailed specification and contracts. The outline price only changes where you have requested additional requirements to be included.

Step Six - Look Forward

You can relax and look forward to your new web-based system, available from your favourite browser and on your favourite devices.

Take the Next Step to a Web Based System

Contact Us and we will arrange a visit to discuss opportunities to move forward and help make your team more productive.